WFH Setup Tips

As someone with a disability (Ehlers Danlos), I unfortunately learned the hard way that paying attention to the ergonomics of your working setup really matters. With more of us working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis, I thought I’d share some advice and specific recommendations about making sure you are working as comfortably as you can.

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First up, designate an area for working, or specific equipment for work if you only have one place you can sit. Make sure you put your work laptop away at the end of the day, so that work doesn’t blend/spill over into everything else. This is genuinely really important; check out this & further advice from Mental Health First Aid on looking after your mental health when working from home.

Having had a great many different working from home setups over the years, I have some specific suggestions depending on what options you have. Make sure you check out some general ergonomic working setup advice too.

Need to Work on a Sofa / Bed?

Able to Work at a Desk / Part of a Table?

  • Folding hypercompact laptop stands are great, like this Nexstand K2 laptop stand (and reusable for when you travel in future) or if you want one that folds flat then try Urbo Raket slim laptop stand.
  • If you don’t think you’d ever need to travel with it, then the Griffin laptop stand is a good solid & nice-looking option too.
  • Pay attention to your chair, it might not be possible to get a proper office chair but at least make sure you are sitting with decent posture. 
My wife has adopted my ergonomic travel kit for her no-notice quarantine work from home setup

Wherever You’re Working, You Might Also Benefit From…

My compact setup in my study at the start of quarantine

Want to Invest In Extra Comfort?

I hope some of these recommendations and tips are useful. What other practices or equipment have helped you work from home in a safer and more sustainable way? Please do share in the comments!

Lego Meditation for Self-Isolation

Dan in my team asked on Twitter for some recommendations for big build Lego under around £150 to stay occupied during COVID-19 self-isolation / quarantine.

Given his interests are space & Star Wars & buildings, and his preference was for something both fun to build and to display, I of course spiralled into a full evaluation of the stupidly large number of Lego sets I have built in recent years (having had a sudden realisation that I could now *afford* Lego!).

Here’s what I came up with…


For if you just want my best pick at each price point (UK prices, but hopefully it’ll automagically take you to the right country store for you if you’re elsewhere):

The Fuller Story…

For recommendations from each category, and a few wildcards…

Star Wars


aka the Lego in The Moon Meeting Room @MakingMonzo 😉

Cool Transport

Nice Buildings

  • Trafalgar Square £60 (25% off) detailed & complex like majority of the larger Lego Architecture sets
  • Marvel Sanctum Sanctorum. Really fun build, loads of little action scenes, but looks expensive because no longer produced I think :-/ This Avengers Compound Battle is almost as good (though I’m probably still fondest of the Thor Ragnarok arena, not least because my wife realised I was having a tough time stuck at home injured whilst she was on a 6 week biz trip to Hong Kong and had it delivered to cheer me up 😍)
  • Hogwarts Great Hall £85 (again Elly really enjoyed this one, and it fits together with others like the clocktower)


If you end up getting and building any of these, would love to know how you enjoy them, so let me know in a comment here or on Twitter yeah?