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Baking In Accessibility — Fronteers 2014

by Meri in Conferences, Development, Diversity, Presentations, Web Design & Development

Thank you so much to the Fronteers Conf 2014 crew for inviting me to Amsterdam to speak about hacking people & process to make accessibility and other good practice intrinsic in how we work.

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New Article Over At 24ways.org

by Meri in Project Management, Publications, Web Design & Development

I was delighted and honoured to write an article for this year’s 24ways advent calendar. The topic is Project Management, with a bit of a festive analogy used to impart some top tips for keeping projects on track.

Go on over, check it out and let me know what you think!


State of the Web 2008

by Meri in Conferences, Web Design & Development

Are you a web designer or developer? If so, head on over and fill in the State of the Web 2008 survey that the fine folks over at Web Directions have started.

Not only will you be helping us all understand the state of our industry, but you also get the chance to win some cool freebies for participating — more details here.