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Scaling Teams & Culture Keynote at Scale Summit

by Meri in Conferences, Leadership, Management, Operations, Presentations

I was delighted to do the opening keynote at Scale Summit 2018 this morning — thanks for the warm welcome, folks. Below are the slides and links to the books, talks, etc mentioned. Please do shout if I have forgotten anything.

Books & Tools & Talks Mentioned in This Talk


My Monolith is Melting talk from PIPELINE CONF 2015

by Meri in Conferences, Leadership, Operations, Presentations

Thanks for the enthusiastic reception at PIPELINE CONF today. Here are my slides from my talk:

Books Mentioned in this Talk

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DevOps in the Wild

by Meri in Development, Operations, Presentations

I spoke today at the Eduserv Symposium 2013, giving an overview of DevOps to the largely public sector audience. I’ve uploaded my slide deck to Slideshare: DevOps in the Wild and they’re also embedded below.

The further reading links I suggested are:

The original DevOpsGuys post about anti-patterns:

Niek Bartholomeus’ excellent presentation about introducing devops to a more traditional environment:

The DevOps section of GDS’ Digital Service Manual:

Anna Kennedy put together a brilliant list of resources after DevOpsDays:

DevOps Weekly newsletter: http://devopsweekly.com/

You might also be interested in Gene Kim’s The Phoenix Project, a novel about DevOps.

UPDATE: Thanks to Matthew Jones for reminding me that I mentioned DevOpsDays in my talk but forgot to include the link to them: http://devopsdays.org/events/